Mono Column Platform ( MCP )

About Brian Chang

Mr Brian Chang is the Chairman / Chief Executive Officer of Blue Capital Pte. Ltd. He is also a board member of Bergen Group ASA and TrollDrilling & Services Ltd in Norway; TSC Group Holdings Limited in Hong Kong and Joint Stock Company "Vostok-Raffles" in Russia a joint venture with Russia's state-owned Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Centre,a subsidiary of OSK (United Shipbuilding Corporation).

In addition, Blue Capital Pte. Ltd. owns Calm Oceans Pte Ltd. Calm Oceans Pte. Ltd. is currently constructing the Calm Ocean 101, a Mono Column Platform (MCP) design jack up rig

To date, Brian has overseen more than 600 marine and offshore construction projects with more than four decades of experiences.

Professional Experience

Brian Chang graduated from City University, London, UK as an electrical engineer in 1965 and started his career at Far East Levingston Shipyard (presently known as Keppel FELS) in Singapore.

He started PROMET Pte. Ltd. (presently known as PPL Shipyard Pte. Ltd.) in Singapore in 1971. PROMET became one of the largest offshore builders within a decade and a prominent player in the global offshore construction industry.

In 1995, he sold PROMET and resigned as its Chairman to move to Yantai,China and started Yantai Raffles Offshore Limited (presently known as CIMC Raffles Offshore Pte. Ltd.). Yantai Raffles completed numerous prototype offshore vessels and revolutionised the construction of mega offshore projects with the award-winning 20,000-tonne "Taisun" crane. The "Taisun" crane is the brainchild of Brian and currently holds the Guinness World Records in 2008 for the heaviest weight (20,133MT) lifted by a crane. "Taisun" won the ASME Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award, as well as the OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award at the Offshore Technology Conference in 2008. The "Taisun" crane revolutionised the manufacturing process of the semi-submersible, significantly reducing production days and improving construction safety.

Brian has successfully built up the largest offshore builder in China. Some of his projects included the delivery of 5 semi-submersible drilling rigs.

To date, Brian has overseen more than 600 marine and offshore construction projects. Amongst this feat of achievements he was the first to develop an independent power project in Pakistan funded by the World Bank, The Hub Power Company Limited, as well as related power infrastructure companies Asia Petroleum Ltd and Fauji Oil Terminal and Distribution Co. Ltd

Brian is also owner of Raffles Yachts, a builder of luxury mega yachts. He personally owns an 88-metre yacht, the award-winning "ASEAN Lady".

Brian has been involved as owner and operator of hotels in Asia, Oceania and the US. He was also involved in property development and construction in South East Asia.

Personal Background

Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on April 4, 1943, Brian migrated to Singapore in 1948. He is married to Annie Yap and have 3 children, two girls and a boy. He currently resides in Singapore.

Brian is an avid fan of nature and the outdoors. He was a Queen's Scout and played soccer in school. Other interests include camping, cycling, trekking, fishing and hunting all around the world. He is also a keen scuba diver and has been diving for 30 years.

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